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I'm not a nutritionist, not a doctor, not a dietician.

I specialize in cooking and baking.

The truth is that I am at am applied statisticians who work with Big Data owns a high-tech company. In my real profession, I’m engaged with numbers and database marketing.  I consult to big firms how to utilize their data to make better business. But when I’m home it is hard to take me out of the kitchen. I'm crazy about cooking and baking. I studied at Cordon Bleu in Paris and I have five diplomas, including baking and cooking.

Unfortunately, one day I became a diabetic. I have never liked sweet things, but I love carbs very much. And that's how I discovered the Ketogenic diet. Since January 2019, I started to cook low-carb and ketogenic. I lost weight, got my life back. Nowadays, most of my diet is based on animal and vegetable fat. A lot of fat. Either in a restaurant or with friends, does not compromise.

I would like to share my experience to make people like me feel better. Because the day the sugar goes down, the body comes to life, the sleep is better, and the concentration is high. I realized that being a Keto chef is not so hard and it is, indeed, improves the quality of life.

After I spoiled my entire family, partners, and friends it is time to share with the rest of the world. As a businesswoman, I would like to sell - Sell ​​the idea.

Share, encourage, strengthen and teach.


So, if you want a little know more, or study in a personal workshop, taste sugar-free food, and very little carbohydrate, you are welcome to contact me.

ד"ר רונית הנגבי
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