Rolls that contain all the best in the world. Cream cheese and hard yellow cheese. A delicate texture that awaits only butter and Kalamata olives.

3.17 gr per roll

Cream cheese rolls

If it looks like bagels, feels like bagels – it is probably a bagel. Serve with cream cheese, smoked salmon or olives.

Sweet rolls

To those of us that can't do without - mornings with Smoked Salmon, cream fresh and coffee.

1.75 gr per bagel

American Bagel

Crunchy rolls full of different grains. The secret is the mix of Psyllium and apples vinegar.

Brown ones

Enjoy a crunchy full of seeds rolls. Melting cheese and cream with all your favorite grains.


1.8 gr per roll

Seeds Rolls

Salty cookies for a wine & cheese evening. Based on butter and flavored in different tastes.

0.89 gr per bite


Smooth bread, long baking that will bring the tastes of real one. Best for morning french toast

Unified bread

Indian Keto-Naan bread  You can season with different flavors and serve with a meal or as it. Goes perfect with every salad.

Naan Bread

Grissini breadsticks to dip in Tahini, cream cheese, by a soup or just a small snack

1.2 gr per stick


Keto bread that can do with it many variations. Always available to deep in tahini or to accompany a nice salad. Solves any problem for breakfast and sandwiches.

Seeds bread

Rolls that are small and filling bites. Some butter or fat cheese, or olives. Need no more.